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Pre-Student Teaching
5 E's Lesson Plan
Seminar - 3/22/05
Seminar - 3/1/05
Record of Assignments Completed
Lesson Plan Format
Post Lesson Reflection
5 E's Lesson Plan


75 Minute Model

Suggested time allotments may vary

5 E’s

Questions for Planning


              5 minutes

Engagement (Warm-Up)

        q       Objective stated written/orally

q       Focuses students on key skills

q       Defining a problem

q       Literature experience

q       Problem of the day

What should students know and do as a result of the lesson?




25 minutes

Exploration (Teach)

q       Cooperative grouping

q       Learn Activity (lab)

q       Review homework

q       Whole class exploration

q       Use of manipulatives

q       Use of technology (calculators, software, internet, etc.)

q       Demonstration/modeling of concepts

q       Questioning strategies

What will students do together (whole group and/or small group)  to use the new concepts or skills? What is your motivating task?  What prior knowledge will they need use in the exploration of the task?


20 minutes

Explanation (Teach)

        q       Vocabulary development and review

q       Guided practice

q       Independent practice

q       Clarification of misconceptions

How will you aid students in constructing meaning of new concepts?  How will you introduce new skills or procedures? What vocabulary is important for understanding the concepts? 


20 minutes

Elaboration (Practice)

        q       Flexible grouping

q       Independent activities
(e.g., worksheet)

q       Word problems

q       Problem of the week/games

What opportunities will students have to use the new skills and concepts in a meaningful way?  How will students expand and solidify their understanding of the concept and apply it to a real-world situation?  How will students demonstrate their mastery of the essential learning outcomes?


5 minutes


        q       Journal

q       Student centered evaluation

q       Focus for next lesson

q       Closure/review of daily activity

How will you assist students in reflecting upon what they learned today and preparing for tomorrow’s lesson?  How will you ensure that all students have mastered the identified learning indicators?  How will you assess their learning? What homework will be assigned to help students practice, prepare, or elaborate on a concept or skill taught?