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Pre-Student Teaching
Seminar - 3/22/05
Seminar - 3/1/05
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Post Lesson Reflection
5 E's Lesson Plan

What is a sociogram?


A sociogram is a teacher-made device that is used to provide additional information regarding a student and how s/he interacts with peers.   It is a valuable tool for determining how a student is viewed by his/her classmates.


How to Use Sociograms


1.  Devise a question.   State it in simple, easy-to-understand language.  Word your question to be consistent with the information you desire to obtain (e.g., who to assign as field trip partners; who is unpopular and in need of social skills instruction).


2.   Have students write their answers to your question or statement.   Allow and encourage your students to make their choices privately.  Clearly explain any limitations on choices (e.g., number of choices, classmates only).


3.   On a listing of the names of your students, write next to each student's name the number of times s/he was selected by another (tally the responses).


4. Make a large diagram of concentric rings so that it looks like an archery target.   Have one more ring than the greatest number of times any student was chosen.  Start outside the last ring and number the spaces from the outside toward the inside starting with "zero".


5.   Write each student's name inside the ring space corresponding to the number of times s/he was chosen.


6.   Draw arrows from each student to the student selected by them.


7.   Survey the diagram to assess popularity and interaction preferences.  This information should remain confidential.