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Checklist of Judging Criteria

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Student Checklist of Judging Criteria


When your Science Fair project is complete, use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need on your backboard.  Check YES or NO for each question.  Then, go back and fix the areas where you checked NO.


                                                                                                               YES                  NO

A.  Appearance and Organization (10 points)

Is my project arranged in a step-by-step order?                    _____                    _____

Do I have a title?                                                                  _____                    _____

Is it neat and well designed?                                                 _____                    _____   

Is my name on my project?                                                    _____                    _____

B.  Problem Formulation (10 points)  

                Did I state the problem in the form of a question?                 _____                    _____

                Is it a testable question?                                                      _____                    _____

                Did I state my hypothesis and give a reason?                        _____                    _____

C.  Experimental Design (10 points)

                Did I set up the experiment so it tests my

 Hypothesis?                                                                       _____                    _____

                Did I set up the experiment so it answers the

                question in my Purpose?                                                      _____                    _____

D.  Procedure (10 points)

                Did I test it three or more times?                                        _____                    _____

                Did I perform all trials the same way to make

sure my data was accurate?                                                  _____                    _____

E.  Data Collection (10 points)

                Does the data show that I did the experiment

carefully?                                                                              _____                    _____

F.  Data Representation (10 points)

                Is the data displayed in a scientific way such as

graphs, charts, drawings, or photographs?                             _____                    _____

G.  Valid Conclusion (10 points)

                Does my conclusion reflect the data?                                      _____                    _____

H.  Appropriate Conclusion (10 points)

                Does my conclusion talk about my hypothesis?                        _____                    _____

                Do I support my conclusions with data from the

chart or graph?                                                                     _____                    _____

                Did I include an idea for further study in my

conclusion?                                                                            _____                    _____

I.  Understanding the Experiment (10 points)

Can I clearly explain the procedures and results

of this experiment to someone else?                                      _____                    _____

J.  Extension of Experiment (10 points)

Can I suggest another experiment that I could

do if I wanted to find out more about this topic?                   _____                    _____   

Can I think of a line of work (i.e. farmers, food

preparation worker, etc.)  that might benefit from

the information gathered in this experiment?                        _____                    _____