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Pre-Student Teaching
Lesson Plan Format
Seminar - 3/22/05
Seminar - 3/1/05
Record of Assignments Completed
Lesson Plan Format
Post Lesson Reflection
5 E's Lesson Plan




Preservice Teacher:  _____________________________________  Lesson #: __________


Grade Level/Subject:  _____________________________________ Date taught:  ________





PA Academic Standards and District Standards: (in order to meet standard(s), students will need to demonstrate an understanding of…)


Learning Objectives: (What will students be able to do as a result of this lesson?)


(Standards and objectives may be combined in a statement as:  TSWBAT….in order to…

or they may be listed separately.)




Standard and objective in one statement:

The students will be able to create a story map using pictures in order to retell or summarize the major ideas of the text.


Standard and objective listed separately:



The students will be able to create a story map using pictures.



G. Demonstrate after reading understanding and interpretation of both fiction and nonfiction text.

Retell or summarize the major ideas, themes or procedures of the text.]




(What will be used to implement all aspects of the lesson? Which are teacher resources and which are student resources?)




FOCUSING STUDENTS’ ATTENTION OR “WARM UP”: How will an anticipatory set be established to focus students’ learning and ensure on-task-behavior by all students?

  • What will be done to help students develop positive attitudes and perceptions about the learning climate and the learning task?
  • What brief task (up to 5 minutes) can I use to get the students focused and prepared to think critically?

INTRODUCTORY AND DEVELOPMENTAL ACTIVITIES: (Teacher Directed)  How will the lesson be organized in order to ensure student mastery of essential learner outcomes?  How will assessment of student progress be integrated into instruction?


GUIDED PRACTICE ACTIVITIES: (Teacher Monitored) How will students be assisted to extend and refine the knowledge they are acquiring?


INDEPENDENT ACTIVITIES:  (Students Alone or in Cooperative Learning Cohorts)

  • What independent activities and tasks are to be a part of this lesson?
  • How do these activities and tasks reinforce student’s mastery of essential learning outcomes?



Formative assessment: discovering what students are learning throughout, to better “inform” ongoing instruction


Summative assessment: the final assessment that reveals (summarizes) student learning